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About the Course

This course covers some of the first steps in the development of data visualizations using spreadsheets and dashboards. Begin the process of telling a story with your data by creating the many types of charts that are available in spreadsheets like Excel. Explore the different tools of a spreadsheet, such as the important pivot function and the ability to create dashboards and learn how each one has its own unique property to transform your data. Continue to gain valuable experience by becoming familiar with the popular analytics tool - IBM Cognos Analytics - to create interactive dashboards. By completing this course, you will have a basic understanding of using spreadsheets as a data visualization tool. You will gain the ability to effectively create data visualizations, such as charts or graphs, and will begin to see how they play a key role in communicating your data analysis findings. All of this can be accomplished by learning the basics of data analysis with Excel and IBM Cognos Analytics, without having to write any code. By the end of this course you will be able to describe common dashboarding tools used by a data analyst, design and create a dashboard in a cloud platform, and begin to elevate your confidence level in creating intermediate level data visualizations. Throughout this course you will encounter numerous hands-on labs and a final project. With each lab, gain hands-on experience with creating basic and advanced charts, then continue through the course and begin creating dashboards with spreadsheets and IBM Cognos Analytics. You will then end this course by creating a set of data visualizations with IBM Cognos Analytics and creating an interactive dashboard that can be shared with peers, professional communities or prospective employers. This course does not require any prior data analysis, or computer science experience. All you need to get started is basic computer literacy, high school level math, access to a modern web browser such as Chrome or Firefox, the ability to create a Microsoft account to access Excel for the Web, and a basic understanding of Excel spreadsheets....

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Jun 5, 2022

It is very constructive and very important course for the future of data analyst career. providing practical handin experience makes it the perfect self starter and motivational course.

Thank you


Apr 9, 2021

As an aspiring data analyst, this course gave me more information about what I am currently doing and after finishing this course I have learned a lot and gave me more interest to learn more.

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By Maria S

Jan 8, 2021

While I learned how to navigate Excel and Cognos to make elegant visualizations, the videos and activities did not cover why I was completing the steps. The Hands-on activities should be more detailed. I recommend a single sentence for each visualization specifically justifying why the user would want to create each visualization in order to help their analysis.

By Ben E

Nov 23, 2020

More labs if possible.

By Sara N

Jan 20, 2022

Information needs to be updated. Too much information not mentioned in the course but asked in the project, very confusing. Unless you already have a strong basic knowldege and research ability, otherwise you need to spend a lot of extra time figuring out the answers for not complicated questions just because the informationn mismatched. If you have trouble learning the material, I want you to know, it is not your problem, they claim the course doesn't need prior knowledge, which is not true The way how they teach make it impossible. I took other detailed courses before, which is why I was able to finish this course, but experiencing a lot of unnecessary strugglings. If you already have some visiuoalization experiece, you may give it a shot. Overall, I don't think this is an mazing course as they claimed.

By Jaroslaw K

May 11, 2022

The course was ok, though really basic. Just a glimpse of Excel and Cognos, not enough to really learn how to use them. More like a starting point, which is not bad if you don't aim for nothing more. However, the thing that I really don't like was low quality of video (viewpoints just look like they were made by amateurs, though the provided insights themselves were ok) and the quality of sound in Cognos videos. IBM, I am sure you can do better than that.

By Matt N

Dec 27, 2021

T​he peer review portion was painful. Self-grading with the rubric made me question why one of my "peers" was failing me multiple times. The content was good but this is the first round of peer grading where I feel I the "peer" was blatantly failing without following the grading standards. I would do away with peer grading completely since not everyone seems to be putting in the same standards and effort.


Jun 15, 2021

Improve some instruction are not good enough to understand the assignments If you can provide instructions through video for assignments It might be better kindly check & resolve this issue thanks

By Pablo J

Mar 13, 2022

some of the tutorials weren't updated to last version of Cognos Analytics

By Carlos J

Feb 27, 2022

While the material in this course is not difficult, the course was unnecessarily challenging because of the presentation and instructions. All of the instructions and images are based off of an older version of Cognos which is very confusing. Additionally, the instructions just tell you where to click without ever explaining why any of the options are selected. The only thing that this course teaches is how to follow directions, not necessarily how to utilize the tools presented.

By Andika N P

Dec 13, 2021

This course is really good because it introduce me with powerful data visualization like IBM Cognos Analytics. But one thing to note that on week 3, the CSV file doesn't have the right data type when it gets uploaded to the Cognos Analytics. So, I have hard time to understand the instruction given in the Hand On Labs 4, 5, and 6. I hope this problem get fixed immediately. Overall, this course make me want to learn more about Cognos Analytics and other data visualization program.

By Yoscar O

Dec 5, 2021

The course is great for getting started with data visualization with Excel and Cognos. It is pretty basic and mostly requires following prompts to complete assignments. I would recommend it for those unfamiliar. I would recommend the course instructors revise some of the assignment instructions. Placing instructions that will be graded in "Hint" notes doesn't seem right. I saw this trick a few peers when I did my reviews.

By Yusuf Z

Nov 29, 2021

This course was really intuitive and needed less effort to get comfortable at. I love IBM courses because of their organized structure, brevity and problem centric nature of the labs and final assignment. I was a very great experience overall and that applies to all their courses I have taken so far.

I think the peer review sections after marking by the first reviewer should be cross-checked by at least one more reviewer.

By Daniela V

Mar 18, 2022

Este curso me encanto. No conocía a Cognos ni algunos tipos de gráficos que se podían hacer en excel. Como siempre cursos dinámicos, con ejercicios prácticos y muy cómodos de realizar a tu ritmo. Cognos una excelente herramienta para todo el tema de dashboard, creación de gráficos, cálculos y visualización dinámica de los datos.

By dorcus k

Jul 22, 2022

The course was very interesting ,easy to grasp concepts and very qualified tutors. Use of dashboards is quite informative especially where KPIs are well captured. I believe this will offer great insights into my data analysis career. I look forward to learning more from the coursera community. it never dissapoints!

By Jecris M

May 2, 2021

This course is really excellent and generous in allowing the students to use the IBM Cognos Visualization and Dashboard tool. The videos are also presented excellently and has a clear transcription. Honestly, I wish Kevin McFaul has more time to teach in the videos. More power to the team.

By Aliyu y

May 25, 2022

I learn a lot from this course. Learn how to create Visualizations and Dashbords with Excel but Visualiztion with Cognos is just another level. The hands-on lab are easy to follow, you can learn and obtain certificates at your on pace... I highly recommend this course. Thanks.

By Tarun V

Jun 20, 2022

I had a little knowledge of using excel but after this course i am feeling well confiedent in making Excel Dashboards & Specially Dashbard in IBM Cognos, Cognos's UI is awesom, explaination video and assignment designed in a way that you will have hands on practice.

By Ishtiaq H A

Jan 28, 2022

This course is really worth learning. and raised my level of curiosity to a higher extent. The way cognos analytics part is designed really motivated me to think out of the box. IBM really has a greater vision and know how to teach and organize the contents

By Ivan L

Apr 23, 2021

It was really interesting to get first insights of Cognos. Personally I believe it is an amazing tool. Will think how to use it in my daily business. From all of the courses in the program so far it was my favorite one.

Best regards


By Kevin M G

Jan 2, 2022

Will mainly be using Excel following this course, but using Cognos (and having a 90-day trial!) was really cool! That web program can do some pretty awesome things! Glad to have had some experience with it, may help down the road!

By Mohammad O F

Sep 14, 2021

Excellent resources by mentors, Beautifully explained every aspects of Excel and Cognos visualization including clear and concise details with basics... I am grateful to mentors and many many thanks to my mentors here..

By Toyin V

Feb 18, 2022

After the completion of this course. All i have learnt so far gives me more confident that my goal towards being one of the best data scientist is attainable.

Thank you so much to the course instructors and organizers.

By Debbie R

May 4, 2022

I truly enjoyed how this was put together. It took a lot of practice before I got the hang of it. But this course was put together very well. I truly enjoy these courses. Now, off to the next one. Thanks

By Mykhailo M

Aug 12, 2022

Helpful course, even if you know something about visualization in Excel, this course can provide you additional skills. Regarding to IBM Cognos, really nice and easy platform for creating a dashboards.


Apr 18, 2021

Excelente curso, te lleva de la mano, una breve retroalimentación de Tablas dinamias y Dashboard en Excel y el uso de la plataforma de IBM, Cognos, muy recomendable el curso... GRACIAS IBM y COURSERA

By Hailay M T

Jun 5, 2022

It is very constructive and very important course for the future of data analyst career. providing practical handin experience makes it the perfect self starter and motivational course.

Thank you