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Learner Reviews & Feedback for IT Security: Defense against the digital dark arts by Google

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About the Course

This course covers a wide variety of IT security concepts, tools, and best practices. It introduces threats and attacks and the many ways they can show up. We’ll give you some background of encryption algorithms and how they’re used to safeguard data. Then, we’ll dive into the three As of information security: authentication, authorization, and accounting. We’ll also cover network security solutions, ranging from firewalls to Wifi encryption options. The course is rounded out by putting all these elements together into a multi-layered, in-depth security architecture, followed by recommendations on how to integrate a culture of security into your organization or team. At the end of this course, you’ll understand: ● how various encryption algorithms and techniques work as well as their benefits and limitations. ● various authentication systems and types. ● the difference between authentication and authorization. ● how to evaluate potential risks and recommend ways to reduce risk. ● best practices for securing a network. ● how to help others to grasp security concepts and protect themselves....

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Apr 9, 2022

Great course for beginners and experts. Easy to understand and a good refresher for those who have been into IT for a long date. Recommend it to everyone looking for a high quality course on coursera.


Apr 25, 2018

Great course that is full of useful information and presented in an easy to understand way. It's an awesome beginner course that will add to your knowledge and further your knowledge of IT security.

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By Nasratullah K

Dec 28, 2018

Google IT Certification is one of the Greatest IT Certification which covered Hardware, Software, Networking, System Administration and etc, but I hope you will add iPhone and Android Phones in this IT Certification and I wish this IT certification will get the future soon amongst others

IT Certification as Microsoft, Comptia, Cisco, Linux, and others and I hope this Google IT Certification will be a requirement in soon and hopefully It will help in job search.

By Sherifat F

Feb 21, 2019

This happened to be the most interesting course of all (as far as I know). It did open my eyes into better understanding of some areas in IT security that I only had a little knowledge about prior to taking this course and also opened my eyes into much more new ones.

Its really been a very wonderful journey down the learning path. Thank you google for giving me the opportunity to be a better person in the realm of IT as a whole.

By Aaron H

Oct 3, 2019

I enjoyed the course. I really wanted to take more quizzes along the way and less supplemental readings (instead I would prefer it be covered in some way). Overall, I learned quite a bit in this course. I was hesitant to jump into some things I had not done in the past, but it encouraged me to do extra reading, alternative practice, and even look at the path I want to thank. I am grateful for this course.

By Frank S

Feb 20, 2018

I learned TONS in this class and all the classes offered. I am totally grateful to Google and Coursera for making it possible, and I want to extend gratitude and thanks to the instructors who taught us and their support staff(s) who did the invisible behind-the-scenes work that the students never saw. I had a great time working with my student colleagues, especially those who finished with me.

By Habeeb R

Jul 9, 2019

this was a tough and difficult course for me as a beginner with no experience and very little background but with the well to learn and the drive as well as the videos of inspiration by google employees i push through and completed a milestone in my life and career as well.


By Emmanuelle M

Sep 16, 2018

This was the true test of everything we learned. When it came time to do the final assignment I thought back and realized WOW, we covered a LOT of stuff! Network security is so important and I feel confident that I have learned pretty much all there is to know thus far in terms of what's out there on the market. Now it's just time to apply said knowledge so that I don't forget all about it.

By Murray T

Oct 23, 2018

IT Security: Defense against the digital dark arts, fully deserves five stars. The subject is huge and our lecturer ensured we thoroughly covered the topic with examples of the good and the bad including how cryptography works! The final assessment was worthy of the course material and demonstrates the immense amount of thought and care that went into preparing the material. Thank you!

By Ronald P

May 13, 2019

i learned a bunch in this course. the intrusion detection and prevention and packet snooping is something i have been interested in for some time. i have utilized a few linux servers of the years and have never implimented any of the things i learned here.... you can be sure i will now. I just wish it was more in depth, however for the scope of the course this was still a great lesson

By Dishelesh J

Mar 21, 2019

The final project was/is a precursor to submitting a document for job assignment or contract. The information learned was useful and encouraged growth. I spent more than reading the supplementals than normal. I am better equip for a job interview in IT Support and Software Security Engineer, which was a goal. Thank you for this course, content and interactions.

By Gamaliel V

Mar 18, 2018

Definitely, this is the good challenge, I really enjoy "Google IT Support Professional Certificate", was a good experience, It helped me to remember some topics and to reinforce knowledge in IT.

It is important to stay in constant training, practice and read and deepen in this field of information technologies. Is an advice of an IT person.


Gamaliel Vazquez

By Tatiana P

May 16, 2019

Having completed this whirlpool of 100% CISSP secured retina scan 6-PACK

within the Radius of Heather Adkins Epoch Unix Time AI Lab,

Hats off to Google's fun+mental team for "deep diving" into rock solid 6 weeks of IT Security:

Defense against the digital dark arts

By Rushab J

May 8, 2020

An exceptional course with great insight and explanation on every single concepts. Helps students to understand the roots of security, slowly teaching them about its use-cases and applications in real life. Would recommend to anyone who has keen desire to understand security basics and have an overall idea about this subject.

Great work preparing the course!!

By Moon L

Apr 7, 2020

Very challenging but rewarding course to understand info sec and cryptology from scratch. While the content could go really (over) technical, but the course is full of good topics and addressing different key themes to make you think and research more. The quiz, lab and coursework was very difficult yet intuitive and engaging. Great course, learnt so much!

By Vera N G

Jan 12, 2019

The course was excellent and complete and I had to study a lot and work hard to accomplish it. The teacher explained very well and the practical tests and quizzes are very well prepared. I must say that after working with IT so many years, there were lots of new and very important subjects that I learned. Congratulations! Thank you very much!

By Jody S D

Oct 5, 2018

This course had its challenges. Going through each course there were things I already had a basic understanding and some was new to me. Coursera had its lessons and courses well thought out. Its instructors were knowledgeable and gave me knowledge and skills that companies are looking for. Thanks for this well designed certifications.

By Gourav D

Sep 5, 2020

Great course a lot to learn and a lot to know along with great and cool teaching staff I enjoyed much and learned a lot. Thanks to all the teaching staff and google for such a wonderful course.

By Arbind M

Nov 25, 2019

It's very nice even the teacher is very pleasant the way of representing things is just mind-blowing i am too happy to learn with it. I feel I am too lucky to have such a teacher!! Hats off!!

By Kinjal D R

Sep 19, 2021

The most wonderful course containing all concepts of IT security,defense in depth.Must recommendable cert for security professionals.Thank you !!

By Harsha M

Sep 21, 2021

Excellent mode of imparting made me go after a quest for fulfilment!

By Harry R

Feb 17, 2022

amazing course with a alot of content that are applicable

By Tony F

Sep 11, 2021

this is a lot better than Linkedin online learning,

By Davis N

Oct 10, 2020

Exhausting but worth it !!

By William L

Jul 1, 2022

V​ery out dated but goes into detail on some very relevant concepts and covers the topics well. A good majority of the information is still relevant nad provides a solid foundation and inderstanding of IT. The supplemental reading aspect is a little disappointing because the point of a course is to make education more focused and manageable and some the infromation in the supplemaental reading is very useful and would have been great to be referenced or conslidated into a more manageable format instead oflinking to a 20 page whitepaper or article, etc.

By Sarah H

Jul 1, 2021

too much info (too much terms that is explained) but not enough practice.

By Mikhail M

Oct 27, 2019

I enjoyed "The Bits and Bytes of Computer Networking" as much as I am disappointed in "IT Security" course.

1. The instructor usually does not bother to provide explanatory images or diagrams. He just talks and expects us to build the full image in the head. He uses many abbreviations, some of which were not introduced before. Hm, what do you have the video for? For instance, Kerberos protocol. The diagram (wow, they have one) includes "KDC". It is never explained what it is. The helpful diagram is hidden while the instructor talks about what happens in the protocol. C'mon, do you really think that your face is more important than the diagram in this case?

2. The information is very high-level and I just can't see how it might form a proper structure. "Digital signature is used to proof authenticity". Ok. I new that. If anyone does not know that, they can easily guess from its name. How exactly does it do this? How exactly is the private key applied to form a signature? The answer is actually simple: append a digest formed as a message hash encrypted with a private key. But this is not in the video.

3a. Some information is plain wrong! E.g. "But the output should be unique to the input, such that two different inputs should never yield the same output". This is theoretically not possible, since the size of a hash is fixed, while the size of a message is arbitrary.

3b. Another example: Diffie–Hellman. The instructor says "combine the numbers" and the image shows "+" sign. You might think this is addition. But it is not. It would make no sense to use addition here. The algorithm actually uses power by module operation, but it is omitted from the course.