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Learner Reviews & Feedback for Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Infrastructure by Duke University

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About the Course

Decentralized Finance: The Future of Finance is a set of four courses taught by Campbell R. Harvey (Professor of Finance at the Fuqua School of Business, Duke University, and a Research Associate of the National Bureau of Economic Research) that focus on decentralized finance (DeFi). In this first course, we begin by exploring the origins of DeFi and take a broad historical view from the earliest barter economies, such as the first peer-to-peer exchanges of bartering, to present day. The course also looks at historical examples of money having value even though it is not officially backed. We then focus on the key infrastructure components: blockchain, cryptocurrency, smart contracts, oracles, stablecoins and decentralized applications (or dApps). This includes discussion of the mechanics of the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains including cryptographic hashing. Next, we focus on the specific problems that DeFi is designed to solve: inefficiency (costly, slow, and insecure today), limited access (1.7 billion are unbanked), opacity (we need to trust regulators to monitor banks and the regulators have mixed records), centralized control (financial system is oligopolistic imposing higher fees than we would have in a competitive market) and lack of interoperability (it is difficult to move funds from one financial institution to another today). The course closes by exploring many of the myths about the crypto space....

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Apr 12, 2022

Great introduction into DeFi, the professor walks us through key definitions, a bit of history, potential applications and common misunderstandings about this space. Good launching pad to dive deeper


Jan 5, 2022

Everybody who wants to quickly get around all these new and exciting decentrilized technologies is advised to take the series of courses. Info provided is deep enough, easy to grasp, and concise.

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By T. W G

Aug 5, 2022

The instructure is tight, on point and has a solid take in his teaching style.

By Robert R

Feb 6, 2022

Great course for anyone wanting to learn the fundamentals of Defi. Thank you!

By Jeanne C

Nov 24, 2021

This was a wonderful and easy to digest overview of DeFi. Thank you so much!

By Joe D

Feb 5, 2022

Material was very logical and clearly presented. Great introduction to DeFi!

By Mark E

May 4, 2022

Great inturduction course.

It clearly lays down all the basic tirms of DeFi

By Tim M

Jan 17, 2022

Extremely thorough and well organized series of courses. Highly recommend.

By Markus L

Nov 30, 2021

E​xcellent professor and super exciting topic presented in a great way.

By TextGuy;

May 6, 2022

very good summary of all the fundamental knowledge for the cryto tech.

By kwame c

Mar 23, 2022

A very good intro inte world of DeFi, would 100% recommend this course

By Manuel E

Jan 29, 2022

Muy bueno el curso para tener una idea de que esperar en el mundo DeFi

By Shalini P

Jan 2, 2022

T​hank you so much for making deFi so much more easier to understand.

By Michelangelo c

Jan 3, 2022

Awesome course. From the bottom up, provides excellent foundations.

By Earl J L

Nov 17, 2021

I really learned a lot and can't wait for more information to come.

By Luis P S

Jan 24, 2022

Greatly explained and for sure, a great starting with DeFi world.

By Alexander C

Dec 26, 2021

V​ery insightful course with clear explanations of DeFi concepts.

By Kevin H

Mar 2, 2022

Best intermediate guide for all knowledge on Blockchain related.

By Jean-Pierre B

Jan 7, 2022

Extremely clear. Thanks so much! It Will help me a lot for sure

By Alejandro R

Dec 31, 2021

Excellent content, great primer on the topic, and up to date too

By Bernardo M

Jan 15, 2022

Great course to take a initial diving into DeFi Infrastructure

By Valdas N

Jul 24, 2022

Great course, thank you very much for excellent explanations!

By Scott P

Jun 21, 2022

T​he teacher is good at explainig things clearly. Thank-you.

By Jose A

Feb 12, 2022

Pretty awesome course. Very insightful and full of resources.

By greg a

Jan 1, 2022

Relatively short and no coding, but really thought provoking.

By Ganapathi S

Dec 25, 2021

A​ solid foundational course on basics on DeFi infrastructure

By Nolan B

Nov 29, 2021

Terrific class that will get you up to speed on the basics